How to set the Order Limit On-Time Slot?

Set how much order you want to received per time slot. If you don’t set any number of this option customers can order unlimited every time slot. If time slot order limit is over customer will see the information like below image. If the customer selects the time, which time slot already crosses the order […]

How to add product extra items?

Set list type and min/mix required option. If you don’t set min or max required number this items are not required for the product to add to cart.

Admin Login and Page

RestroFood provide custom login page for manager admin. The default manager admin login page is /admin ( your-domain.com/admin ). Branch, kitchen manager and delivery boy should be login from here. If you want to change the admin page you will do it easily. At first, create a page which you want as an admin page […]

Which Pages are created default when RestroFood install?

RestroFood plugin provides some default pages after installing the plugin. See the pages list below: 1. Admin ( admin page to login branch manager, kitchen manager, and delivery boy )2. Branch Manager ( Branch Manager page to manage branch order )3. Kitchen Manager ( KitchenManager page to manage branch order in the kitchen )4. RestroFood […]

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